Genuine Windows 10 Pro 32/64bit [License key Only]


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The product key can only be used with a fresh Windows 10 professional installation, upgrade from win7, 8 and other editions of Windows systems are not supported.


• Number of PCs: 1
• Language: All languages
• System Count: x86 / x64 bit
• License validity: Unlimited
• Shipping: Activation key sent by Email within 12 hours of Purchase

You can download the latest version of Windows 10 from The official Microsoft website

How to activate
We recommend that you follow the following steps: To activate Windows 10 over the phone:
Step 1: go to “activation settings”
Step 2: go to “change product key”
Step 3: copy and paste the key from above and activate. you will receive an error message ” “We can’t activate Windows on this device as the product key you entered has already been used on a different device” don’t worry
Step4 : click on activate by phone, an icone will show up
Step 5 : Click the down arrow under Select your country or region, select the name of your country or region, and then click Next.
Step 6 : you will get your installation ID, Be prepared to enter the series of numbers listed under Installation ID.
Step 7 : go to the next website :
Step 8 : select All windows and enter the series of numbers listed under Installation ID on this way 70182690737649420258100246…. , then click Get Confirmation ID,
Step 9 : after getting your confirmation ID you go back to your installation ID screen, click the Enter confirmation ID button.
Step 10 : On the Enter your confirmation ID screen, enter the numbers into fields A through H, in the same sequence as provided by the telephone system, and then click Activate Windows.


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